If You Have A Sad Day, These Sleeping Cats Will Make You Smile

Cat lovers know that our felines really love sleep and can sleep everywhere. Cat’s activities which require a great deal of energy, that is the reason why two-thirds of their day is spent in sleeping to conserve energy. However, when they sleep, we’re sure you’ll agree they’re darned cute, and we’re sure you’ll say “awww.” Expressive eyes, a soft coat and a reassuring purr will make you feel needed and loved.

We have collected these cute and weird acts of cats when sleeping below. If you don’t have a smile on your face now, looking at these sleeping kitties to lift your spirits. These sleeping cats that look cheerful, sweet or just plain goofy, are bound to bring you happiness in many ways.

So, let’s sit back and see these hilarious photos to make your day!

#1. “I wonder what she’s dreaming about…”

#2. This cat is obviously comfortable, though no one knows how!

#3. It’s been a very long day!

#4. All schooled out…

#5. There has never been a kitty as content as this one.

#6. Like father, like son…

#7. Sending out those ZZZs…

#8. “My wife and my cat”

#9. Sleeping upside down is obviously the best way to sleep.

#10. “Very few things disturb her sleep.”

#11. “It has always amazed me how cats can look so comfortable in the most uncomfortable places.”

#12. All cuddled up

#13. “Glad YOU found them comfy.”

#14. “Just my cat doing yoga”

#15. A CD rack is the best destination for a cat nap.

#16. “My girlfriend just found him outside sleeping like this.”

#17. A camouflaged munchkin taking a quick snooze

#18. 2 sisters cuddling in a huddle

#19. A literal “Puss in Boots”!

#20. “If it fits…I will sleep.”

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